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Custom Excel / VBA solutions to help businesses operate more efficientlly

  • Save time and money
  • Excel is an inexpensive and pervasive platform
  • Almost every business uses Excel
  • Automating manual processes can reduce days to minutes
  • Using the right data empowers deeper analytics and better decisions

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Your business runs on data

Data Forms the Foundation

Through Organization and Processing, Data yields Information.

Information Provides the Support Structure

Through Analysis and Reporting, Information delivers Knowledge.

Knowledge Offers Answers

With Understanding, Knowledge Drives Business Decisions.


Client, Owner of HR / Payroll business

Russ is without question the most amazing creator of custom excel tools I know.

His ability to quickly learn and understand the objective of a client and to grasp subtle nuances of the data he is asked to work with is astounding.

For a reasonable investment, he was able to turn a project that took more than 3 hours every other week into a few seconds while increasing accuracy of the finished product.  As a business owner, I can't possibly say more.

We all have spreadsheets that "work", but do yourself a favor and have Russ develop a custom tool that actually does the "work" for you!

Business Colleague, Senior Account Manager at construction ERP software company

I have had the pleasure of working with Russ for over 4 years.  His professionalism and ethical attitude is refreshing.  He has been a reliable business partner for many years and has continuously found ways to 'get the job done' where others simply give up.  He has strong communication and management skills.  Russ also has a strong understanding of sales and marketing processes and IT strategies within the software industries.  I have the utmost respect for Russ and firmly believe in his abilities.  Not only do I recommend Russ but I look forward to continuing to work with him for years to come.

Colleague, fellow Branch Manager at a technical resource company

I worked directly with Russ during our time together at Paranet, where he grew a small, startup branch into one of the largest branches in the country and turned his primary customer (Motorola) into our single largest customer. Russ has a unique, consultative sales style that instills trust and confidence from prospects, coupled with a strong project management background that benefits his customers.  I would highly recommend Russ for any company that needs to streamline its own internal business processes or for organizations that provide IT consulting or business process engineering services to its customers.

Direct Manager at software services company

Russ worked for me for several years as a Business Operations Manager.  He worked on a wide range of sales related projects and was actively involved in CRM selection and integration, improving our sales efficiency, sales training and education, and recruiting.  Russ is very detailed oriented and has some advanced spreadsheet and database skills that make him a very valuable person.  He is also very hard working, with a good sense of humor, and works well in both a large and small company environment.

Client, business consulting company

Russ is someone who can bridge between the technology options and the buisness results - a very good combination, which he does well.

Sub-Contractor, Software Developer

Russ was a great boss.  As an independent contractor for him, as the project manager, he either kept projects going my way or was always on the search for new projects for me to handle.  If I had any issues, he diligently dealt with the clients to obtain answers for me.

Business Partner at Clear Data Incorporated

I founded Clear Data, Inc. with Russ over 8 years ago and have worked within as an executive and then board member at CDI over that time.  Russ is an excellent executive and has extensive knowledge about a large number of industries, process management, budgeting, forecasting, product development and implementation, sales management and other critical success keys.  I strongly recommend Russ for any position.


Russ and I have worked together at four different organizations, initially as peers and later I was his direct supervisor.  He is extremely detailed oriented and is an excellent business analyst and project manager.  He does a great job in taking a business problem from start to finish, researching options, proposing a solution to executive management, and then driving the project to a successful outcome.



Russ Mygrant - Founder

Russ Mygrant is President and founder of Clear Data Incorporated (CDI).  He brings a wealth of industry management, sales, and project management experience to the company. Prior to starting CDI, Russ co-founded two other entrepreneurial business technology firms where he learned about helping businesses of all sizes in different markets.  Russ has performed in various capacities from electrical engineer to field sales to sales and operations management to executive staff at companies that provide software, hardware, services, consulting, support, and training.  His natural inclination to analyze processes and seek ways to make them more efficient has served him, his clients, and his colleagues well over the years.  Russ very much enjoys learning about different businesses and helping them operate more efficiently. He holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona.


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