Clear Data Incorporated

System Integration


Client Information

Time and attendance software, equipment, and services reseller.

Opportunity (problem statement)

Client needs to prepare monthly invoices from a combination of data from their time system and other customer data.  Client must also categorize the invoices and generate some reports to track various aspects of their customers and usage.

Client does this by hand, which takes time and allows too many errors.


  • Make the process easy
  • Reduce processing time
  • Eliminate errors in the process


Clear Data Incorporated created an Excel/VBA tool that allows the user to maintain customer data within the system and automatically extracts the necessary data from the time system report, creates the desired monthly reports, and generates invoice files for the accounting system.


  • The user no longer touches the data manually but, instead, just clicks a button
  • Process time reduced from a day per month to a few seconds
  • No errors